Chapter 7 and Other Questions

I'm going to take a few moments to answer some questions and, well, it's been a long time since I've blogged.

When is the story picking up again?
At this point, five of the next six chapters are through at least their first and/or second draft with the sixth blocked out. I've also got 3 covers more or less done. This is all a big change from the first go round with the arc 1. That first chapter, and every chapter thereafter, were written and edited in one month's time. That was rough. This time should be much, much nicer for all involved. I wrote the first big chunk of arc 2 in November for NaNoWriMo and have been working it over ever since (when I wasn't in a deep, deep Dark Souls black hole). I'm pretty much on schedule for where I want to be, which is reinforcing what I hope to be my new standard, a new chapter every month from September through February until the story is done. September's my goal for chapter 7. Specifically, the 15th just like was done with the first run. Which is just 109 days away! I hope that doesn't feel like a long wait for you, because it feels like an incredibly short amount of time for me...

Will chapters still be free?
Yes, new chapters will be free on Amazon the first three days they are up.

Will chapters 7-12 be collected for a print edition, much like chapters 1-6?
Yes, I plan to continue the print versions as the story goes on. Right now, I hope to have the print versions ready about 3 months after the arc finishes. So in May, that is if the September through February release schedule pans out.

There's a print version of Chapters 1-6? Where can I get that?
Amazon. Search Pneumadiluvians Volume 1.

When's the movie deal?
Not sure. Are you a producer?

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Finally, here's a couple very rough mock-ups I've done for some of the new chapters.