Ok, I'll say it, it's been too long since I've updated the blog. Eight months between posts is... a bit excessive. I mean, some people probably write entire books in that amount of time and I don't find the time for a blog post? Sorry. I picked up some new readers recently so I feel I need to do something on here to let them know that I am still writing. With indie writers, there's really nothing to stop them from just not writing the next book for whatever reason. So, let me just say that despite my lack of blog posts, I am still writing.

Chapter 7
I'd like to say, "Chapter 7 will be available on..." whatever day. But, as I look at professional writers (those who make a living off of writing, not just moonlighting like myself) in the midst of a series with a fan base waiting for the next book, I find that they don't announce anticipated release dates. And I think it's all for the better. There's just far too many variables that can delay a release. I'd hate to say, as I've done erroneously before, that Chapter 7 will be available on a certain day and then not make it happen. Once I've released Chapter 7, the next chapters will be releasing in successive months, so Chapter 7 is the first domino. I'm not touching that domino until the rest are in line and ready. When will that be? Soon I hope.

If you ABSOLUTELY NEED AN UPDATE, this is the best I can do - the rough draft is at 56k words with a Chapter and a half left to go. That's the best update I'm going to give.

Social Media
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I've created new Twitter and Facebook accounts in the past few months. The previous ones were "Pneumadiluvians" accounts. The new accounts are "Author" accounts for myself, which is probably what I should've created in the first place. But, you live and learn. Also, Volume 1 is now on Goodreads.

That's it for now. I need to get back to writing and figure out how Liam meets up with ----- in the ----- and how their --------- ----- out. Then I need to figure out how Liam ----- the entire ---- of ------ from an -------- ----- of ------- without ------- he has -----'s -----.



  1. Good job, Titus. Looking forward to seeing what ... to Liam!


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