Chapter 3 available in new formats and NaNoWriMo

So, I'm excited and nervous for the month of November. The month itself will see the release of Chapter 3 and, for non-writers, it's National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. The goal of NaNoWriMo would be to write 50,000 words of something new. It can be a re-worked story or a story within an established universe.

New Formats
Chapter 3 will be available in nearly every e-book format out there. However, ONLY Chapter 3 will be available in the other formats for the time being. Chapter 1 and 2 will still be up on Amazon but this will be the only place they are available until December and January, respectively. When I published Chapter I, I signed up for Kindle Direct Publishing's "KDP Select" program. This program allows the author to list their book for free for 5 days out of 90 and also puts the book into the Kindle Owners' Lending Library. The advantages of this are that there's no other way to list your book for free on Amazon and also, everytime your book is borrowed from the Kindle Lending Library the author makes a small chunk of money (somewhere in the $1.70 range, which is actually more than my list price). So, I enrolled both Chapters into KDP Select which requires an e-book exclusivity for at least 90 days. Well, I found a way to get my books for free on Amazon without being enrolled in KDP Select and so far NOBODY has borrowed any of my books through the Lending Library. So, starting with Chapter 3, the book will be released in more e-formats however, I have to wait out my 90 day exclusivity clauses for the first two chapters. And... I should note, that I won't be able to list the book for Free persay on Amazon, I'll need some people to go to Amazon and report a "Better Price" online so their price-matching rules can apply and give the book away. If the book isnt free immediately on the 15th, we'll just need to complain to Amazon I guess.

I'd nearly completely forgot about NaNoWriMo until yesterday and I was suddenly delighted with the idea of writing something else for a bit. But a friend suggested that maybe perhaps instead of writing something completely new, I write ahead in Pneumadiluvians, at least a first draft. So, I agreed that that idea was probably for the best. So, I'm going to try my best to wake up an hour early and start writing original new material. I woke up early and wrote this post as a little practice for myself. Anyway, the goal is to reach about 1,667 words a day to meet the 50,000 word goal by the end of the month. Its not a context and theres no prize for doing it, its just a way to get yourself going with some writing. So, if I get it all done, I should be almost through Chapter 10 with pneumadiluvians. Granted, it will be a rough first draft, but it will at least be something.

Lessons Learned from Chapter 2
Two weeks ago I released Chapter 2. It was interested to see how it would be different with a sequel chapter compared with the primary chapter. First off, Chapter 2 was free for 3 days and Chapter 1 was free for the first of those three days. After the first day, another 26 copies of Chapter 1 were downloaded and 102 copies of Chapter 2. So, having the first and second chapters available for free at the same time defnitely helps with the sales of both. However, after the first Chapter was no longer free, downloads of the 2nd Chapter really suffered. For the rest of the time that the 2nd Chapter was free, only another 27 copies were downloaded. Not sure if those 27 were people new to the story or people who'd downloaded Chapter 1 last month. Don't suppose I'll ever know. Regardless, it is what it is and what happened was to be expected. So, for Chapter 3, I'll need to push as much as I can on the first day when the other Chapters are free as well.

Well, that was about 700 words in under a half hour... so pretty close to meet that 1,666 word goal in an hour. I did go back and edit as I was going which I wont be doing when NaNoWriMoing so it will be a little different. Wish me luck! Check Facebook for word count updates!