Friday, June 29, 2012

Updates 6/30/12

I just realized how long its been since I'd updated my blog. But don't let that fool you into thinking that I haven't been working. Unfortunately, it's well after midnight that I decided to do this and I've already written a chapter tonight so I'm fried. This is going to be short.

The Oren Letters: Demos - 25% done with 2nd Draft
I'm doing some serious revisions to the story. I've finally established a documentation system for continuity that I'm pleased with and its been greatly helping things. I'm 25% done with the 2nd Draft, though that percentage is based on the current number of words in the book, and the number of words in the chapters and the number of chapters both seem to be growing as I go through the book, so perhaps my true percentage is closer to 20%. I'm on page 81 of a currently 300+ page book, lets put it that way.

Sand and Cinder - Submitted
I was just ready to e-publish this one via Kindle Direct Publishing when I stumbled upon BondfireBooks. I went through the entire novella again and rewrote the boring parts to be more exciting (I hope), and sent that off earlier this week.

Unnamed YA Novel - 39,000 words into First Draft
I really don't have a name for this one yet. Literally, the Word doc is saved as "Untitled" in my writing folder. This should be a fun book to read and write when its done. I kind of started writing it on a whim. I took a break from it to get back into the Oren Letters and start on the 2nd draft. I'm not sure when I'll get around to this one again. I'd say the first draft is probably 50% done. It's a YA novel so it doesnt have to be too long anyway.

Pneumadiluvians - 3,616 words into First Draft
This one I'm really excited about. This one would probably fall into Science Fiction, which would make it the only title of its kind in my growing collection of works. I've been kicking this idea around in my head for quite awhile. I think the book could be hugely popular and has a lot of potential. But of course, if I didn't believe that about any of the things I was writing, I wouldnt be writing them. But this one I'm truly been excited for, its the one I've been itching to get started on for quite some time now, well over a year I'd say. I kept pushing it off and pushing it off, hoping to get some other projects done first so this one could get some more attention. Well, with submitting Sand and Cinder earlier this week, I figured it was time. Plus, I dont think actively writing two books at once is too much. Especially when you're doing the first draft of one and the 2nd draft of the other and one's fantasy and one's science fiction.

Anyway, there they all are, my works in progress. I'm fiddling with some progress bars on the side. If they aren't working quite right when you read this, it's because its now 1:30am.

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