Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine's Attempt at Poetry

I dont think I've written a poem in probably 15 years since I learned what I Haiku was. But, the date mandated something from the heart. The store held cards that failed to say what I feel, so rather than pay, I attempted the improbable, I wrote a love poem. Here goes...

A garden to walk in. A God to walk with.
A man near perfect. God said, “Not yet.

It is no good for you to be alone.
Take a rest, while I take your bone.

You’ve yet to see what I can do.
See this helper I made, she completes you.

Under your feet I have placed the world,
By your side I have placed this girl.

Her beauty beyond your simple mind.
Unguard yourself, love you will find.

Her bright eyes will leave you in awe.
Your cold heart her warm arms thaw.

Hard lines have framed you out of the clay,
Her soft hands smooth your roughness away.

She is more than a treasure to your eye,
She’s the greatest gift from on high.

What more should be said of this gift I give.
Man, please love her as long as you live.

Take care, be vigilant that you never part.
Man, come see, my greatest work of art."


  1. I come back to read this from time to time and it still gets me. Best valentine's gift ever :) love you Mr. Welch!