Saturday, February 11, 2012

Updates 2/11/12

So it's been a little while, an update is in order.

Sand & Cinder was submitted to Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, it was only submitted two weeks ago so I dont expect a response any time soon. Which is all well and good so I can focus on others things, like writing.

I've been revising The Oren Letters: Demos. The first 4 or 5 chapters were scrapped, that is they were removed, the events they detail still inform the decisions of the characters still though. I re-wrote the very first chapter, which I now love! It has me very excited. By scrapping the first 4 chapters the story gets into the action right away. I've noticed with my writing, I tried too hard to have every little thing explained so the reader doesnt feel lost, that is lost in the mundanes areas, the obvious gaps in storyline I want the reader to fill in are a different story. Anyway, I am getting excited about the Oren Letters again. Im reviewing the pacing and have some plans to spice things up a bit. I have a few scenes I'm going to add, one in particular that I just conceived as a brand new plot point. I have big plans for this story, and unfortunately, that has dictated that I sort of give the book a break. I know the book can be a big success, but Im not ready for a big story I feel. I listened to an interview with Brandon Sanderson recently, he said that he wrote 13 novels before any of them were purchased. I've written one novel in a series and one novella. I need to figure out what makes stories work, I need to focus on some stand alone stories first. So thats what Im doing. I will be going back to the Oren Letters quite a bit I feel, but I dont feel like it should be my main focus. I feel like the Oren Letters is going to become this saga that is always on the back burner in my life, I'll return to it every couple of months and work out a few revisions perhaps. For now though, as a young an inexperienced unpublished author, I think that perhaps stand-alone stories are a better focus for me. Plus, it has been six months since I have been able to write a new story. I wrote the Oren Letters, then wrote Sand and Cinder, then edited Sand and Cinder, Im not ready to edit the Oren Letters too. Im ready to write new stuff, at least for a time, until i feel ready for the work that the Oren Letters will be.

What I'm reading:
Game of Thrones (yeah, its been a while since I started this but I'm getting back into it)

Hope to read soon:
Infinity Blade: Awakening

Whats been submitted:
Sand and Cinder

Whats being edited:
The Oren Letters: Demos

Whats being plotted:

Whats on my mind's back burner:
Cave Carter: Epoch Baby (stand-alone sci-fi)
The Deluge (serial sci-fi)
Wardens (serial urban fantasy)

I had a few posts in the last week called MIL, Meaning In Life. I hope to continue those. I've been trying to give myself 300 words and 30 minutes to write them. I fear though I may be doing myself a disservice with those limitations. I havent yet decided how or when I will continue those, though I know I would like too.

Ok, I think that those are my updates. Im considering posting the re-written first chapter of the Oren Letters:Demos. I probably will, please let me know if anyone out there is interested in reading it.


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