Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MIL: Genesis 3-5

We have an obnoxious malti-poo at home. She’s maybe eleven pounds and she’s high strung most of the time. By my own admission, I don’t walk her as often as I should. She’s slowly gained weight, and isn't as healthy as she once was. In the rare occasion that I take her out, she pulls so much at her leash that she nearly chokes herself. Wheezes sigh out of her as she fights for her way, trying to direct the actions of a man nearly twenty times her size, and probably at least that much more intelligent too. Usually, a mile down the road she remembers her role and falls into stride between my wife and I. I can’t blame her for her forgetfulness though, because I’ve given her so few chances to remember. I haven’t trained her how to walk with me.

Adam hears God walking in the garden, and cowers at God’s presence, he knew what he’d done. He knew the relationship they once had, Adam had sullied. Enoch, though, walked with God. And he was not, for God took him. Enoch knew how to walk with God. It would seem there is an expectation, a design characteristic, inherent within man, that man should be walking with God. “Walk” implies movement, action. “With” implies cooperation, submission. Man was made to be in synchronous action under the direction of God.

Over the years, my dog has picked up on subtle signs of a soon coming walk. She’s even learned the word “walk”, upon hearing it she explodes into a sprint for the door. Who can be blamed for me not walking with God or even knowing how to walk with God, when God is standing at the door saying, “Walk with me. Walk with me… Please, walk with me?”

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