Monday, January 23, 2012


Received my first rejection today! Fantasy & Science Fiction mailed back a rejectiong for my novella submission, Sand and Cinder. It's one of those things that you just know is going to happen, its part of the job. I can't fully expect that in my first year of writing that I would get published, I hoped that, and it may still happen, but I'm not surprised to receive my first rejection. Its just a matter of pushing forward.

The rejection letter said, "This story couldn't hold my interest, I'm afraid." Of the few people who have read it, one has said it started slow, so there could easily be some truth to what they've said. There are plenty of stories I ahve read because someone has lauded its quality, and I didnt finish simply because I lost interest, so I'm not taking it to heart as not every good story will grab everyone's attention. So I've sent it out to Intergalactic Medicine Show. They ask for at least 3 months for a response. So, I'm marking down April 23rd.

Working edits on The Oren Letters: Demos

A Game of Thrones
Winterland by Mike Duran


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