Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MIL: Genesis 2

If I had a million dollars, I’d… For most of my life, I’ve finished that statement with “do nothing.” Late nights watching tv or movies, late mornings spent sleeping the day away, maybe even entire days in bed, whatever I wanted. It sounds so appealing. The closest I’ve ever been to being without responsibility in adulthood is on vacation. Specifically, a vacation I took last year that lasted nearly a week. I spent the week with my wife and extended family, we played games, spent time outside, laughed, joked, and were in a general state or merriment. Yet, I had this discontent welling inside that was unaffected by relaxation, laughter, food, drink, or good company. I felt this was as close to having my millions and consequently, being freed of the mundanities associated with the frets of attaining money and responsibility as I would ever be. It was terrible.
All of creation week’s events, it would seem, have come to a culmination, or their purpose, when we see God craft the garden. And in that garden, he places man to work it and keep it. Immediately after the responsibility of the garden’s care is delegated, another task is assigned. A parade of animals issues before Adam and he is charged with naming each, uniquely. It would seem that very few days had passed, if any, when young Adam was charged to exercise both physical and mental labor.

Sometimes I’m bemused by the thought that contentedness and peace is rarely found in freedom of responsibility. Somehow, after long hours of labor and frustration, I have believed the lie that without these labors, I would be happy, fulfilled. Why do I convince myself that without my responsibility I will find fulfillment when man was clearly created as a worker?

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