Monday, November 14, 2011

Updates 11/14/11

It's been awhile since I have posted anything, so I'm going to do some quick and dirty updates.

Current Writing Count:

1 Novel
The Oren Letters: Demos (90k~ words) - First draft done, revisions completed through 50%, sent 1st half to some readers to get feedback as this is the very first piece of fiction I've written. Feedback from readers so far has been mainly encouraging, a couple are impressed and excited. Constructive criticism received stating, they way I understood it, the storyline is good, the prose needs to be spiced up. After writing more since the first novel I can see where he is coming from. Still need to get back to this and do my first revisions on the second half.

1 Novella
Sand and Cinder (24k~) - This is a much more finished work. I originally planned to write this for NaNoWriMo but was too excited for the project to wait the two months way back in September. So I've finished this project, done a full course of revisions and I'm just waiting to hear back from some readers. Then I plan to send the manuscript off to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. If they pick it up, I'll take the proceeds from the sale of the first publication rights of the story and probably self-publish it via CreateSpace.

Stories I want to be Writing:

Untitled Fantasy Novel - This would be pure fantasy unlike The Oren Letters which has virtually no magic, this novel will be replete with chimerical beasts and beings. The entire novel will revolve around the scaling on one tower. This one is currently been consuming most of my thoughts.

Cave Carter: Epoch Baby - This one should be fun to write, I've got a page or two written already. A story about a man born in a subterranean city and his quests to see the surface. This storyline is full-fledged in my mind, just need the time to write it and not be thinking about other stories.

Untitled Science Fiction Novel - This one I've been kicking around in my mind longer than any other story other than the Oren Letters. I dont even want to disclose any details around this story, just one piece I'll throw out there, alien invasion. I feel the idea is utterly original, not the alien invasion mind you but the execution of it. This one I'm still lacking a theme, storyline, and characters. I've just got the settings and major events, this would probably become a series if I had my way.

What I'm reading:

Fantasy and Science Fiction: Nov/Dec 2011 - Quartet and Triptych by Matthew Hughes. I love his style of writing and Luff Imbry, looking forward to finishing this one. I may check out more stories by Matthew Hughes.

Batman R.I.P - I picked up this volume a few weeks back, it serves well when I dont have a New 52 to read. I must admit, right now I'm kind of confused with the storyline, I may start reading it over again.

The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson - I listened to the first one on Audible and am genuinely interested in the story, I've heard good things about the rest of the series, but I am just struggling to find the time to sit down and read such a large book.

Dune by Frank Herbert - I'm listening to this one via Audible as well, at first I was not really feeling the story, but as I'm beginning to understand the politics further I am becoming rather interested and drawn in, in audio form this book is rather lengthy so its taking a while to the find the time to listen to it, but I will finish it.

I'm always looking for readers, and I've got plenty of words that can be read ~


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