Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cover Art... So Far

Originally posted: Monday, August 1, 2011

Ok, its been a long time since I have posted here, but my reasons were valid. Since I last posted 3.5 months ago I have written an additional 75,000 words and finished the first draft of the novel, now hows that for an excuse? In addition to finishing the novel's first run, I have also begun my first revisions, which is currently through the first three of forty chapters.  Plus, I have also acquired a new Wacom tablet and have begun to work on some cover art. The image below is what I have thus far (don't worry about the moon, I've only got about ten minutes into it so far). This is also the first picture I have done in both Photoshop and on my Wacom tablet, not too bad considering. Two more things then I'm done, it's 11:10 and I need to be up at 5:00. I am tempted to completely redo my very first post below, many of the plans I explained have changed. I do not think that I will be posting short stories here, I have finished the first draft of the novel. If anything I will post the first few chapters of the book to entice readers, agents, and publishers. However, I think I will leave the first post unchanged so that this will serve as a journal chronicling my journey. Very very last thing, I've signed up for my very first writer's conference, it's August 20th at Luthern Church of Hope in Des Moines ( Thanks to Tim Ward ( for recommending it, I'm excited for it. Thanks to anyone who is reading this, it is truly a mystery to me how you arrived here since I have only given one person the address. Happy Birthday!


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